The Key to Differentiation for Manufacturing


MM 102 - Get More Sales from Reps, Distributors, and Resellers


Guest: Joel Blake, Partner and Technical Sales at Marketing Technologies 


  • Increase your rep, distributor, or reseller sales by supporting them with abundant sample products and stories behind those parts.  Make sure they have up-to-date collateral. [4:40]
  • Videos of the manufacturing process in action are also helpful for distributors to share new processes with the end users. [6:00]

Manufacturing Business Development Predictions for 2017

Guest: Tom Repp, Owner and Principle of The Repp Group

Yes You Can! Get Return on Investment with Marketing

Guest: Michael Brenner, CEO Marketing Insider Group 


MM 099 - This Company Increased Leads by 700%


This week, we are sharing an industrial construction company lead generation case study. It’s a little outside of the manufacturing space and closer to the construction space, but the principals for leadgen apply. The case is about a company that designs and constructs aquatic experiences, i.e. city pool facilities. Listen to a step by step process our guest expert went through to accomplish the goal. In fact, this case will demonstrate how they increased leads by 700%!

MM 098 - Get More Sales from Channel Partners

This podcast deals with the sometimes contentious relationship between manufacturers and their channel partners. Learn how you can get more sales from your channel partners.

Go to Market Strategy for Manufacturing


MM 096 - Digital Marketing - How it Works for Manufacturing


MM 095 - Branding Strategy for Manufacturing

This week we talk all about branding strategy for manufacturers. Is it worth the time and effort? Chris Wirthwein shares his experience and answers the question with some 'yes' and some 'no'. In short, a strong manufacturer brand can be a huge advantage if approached from a customer centric approach. Listen and learn if you should pursue branding or just let it die.

Your Manufacturing Website Can Be Better, a lot better!

Most manufacturing websites are pretty poor. Sorry, but it's true. Typically, they are focused on describing the company and the products with little regard for the website visitor's problems or needs. The good news is that 90% of your competitors' websites are just as bad, so you have a big opportunity to take a leading position and usurp the search traffic. Tim Doyle talks about how to build a top performing manufacturing website in this week's podcast.

Guest: Tim Doyle, VP Sales at TopSpot

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