MM 004 - The SEO Opportunity for Manufacturing

    Manufacturing Marketing Matters Podcast - Episode MM 004

    Guest Expert:  Jim Kreinbrink, Founder and President of HyperDog Media

    Topic: SEO Opportunity for Manufacturing Companies


    • SEO opportunity means top results meaning more than just website traffic – get found by journalists and get more inbound links. (Tweet this)
    • Learn why a mobile optimized site is so important for SEO opportunity
    • Hear about two real life examples of two manufacturing companies that have had success with a related keyword strategy and huge SEO opportunity; Loadhalt, Inc. and Tri-motion Industries, Inc.
    • SEO opportunity is directly related to keywords. Keep in mind how broad the audience is and are clickers really prospective customers. (Tweet this)
    • Discussion about the Google algorithm changes and the related SEO opportunity for manufacturing companies.
    • Do not try to be an authority or thought leader if you are not really an authority. Be authentic. (Tweet this)
    • Hear about the golden opportunity for manufacturing companies if they are successful at exploiting SEO as a practice.
    • More manufacturing companies are upgrading their ability to distribute content with technology solutions like Digabit but they're still behind when it comes to their digital marketing strategy and tactics.
    • All business changes start out as advantages for the early adopters, but eventually level out.  There is still opportunity to gain advantage with SEO. (Tweet this)
    • Jim talks about the Google “Penguin Penalty”, “Phantom 1” and “Phantom 2”
    • SEO is a long term investment, not a one time expense.
    • Hear about a US manufacturing company, Greenco, with a great story to tell about quality and selling to companies in China.
    • Is quality content on your web site good enough to get ranked high in the search engines?  Listen to  Jim’s answer.
    • Interesting case studies comparing different levels of content distribution and results at

    Takeaway 1

    Think about what the visitor to your website wants or needs from the website and give it to them.  Answer questions or problems your visitors might have.  Make your website a resource for the people in your target audience.

    Takeaway 2

    Get involved and distribute or market the content residing on your website.  Always think about your website from the visitor’s perspective not your company perspective.



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