MM 033 - What is PTAC and Why Should Manufacturers Care?

    Learn how to do more business or get started doing business with the federal government.


    Dennis Casey, Executive Director, Colorado PTAC

    Stephen Crawford, Colorado Procurement Counselor for Colorado PTAC


    • The focus is on small and emerging business typically manufacturers less than 500 employees but there are other qualifications that are taken into consideration for doing business with the federal government. [13:00]
    • PTAC helps with nearly all aspects of the process from market analysis to proposal to final contracting. It's really a service for free consulting on doing business with the federal government. [15:00]
    • In addition to, PTAC offers a proprietary search tool that aggregates all government opportunities. [20:45]
    • There is opportunity with government contracts even for so called sole source contracts.  In fact, the DLA even has a person with the job to increase competition.You don't have to be lowest price but you have to offer good value. [23:45]
    • Dennis shares a couple of success stories for manufacturers in Colorado. [28:40]

    Interview Questions:

    Question 1Dennis, let’s start with you. First, just to clarify, you and Stephen work here in Colorado at the Colorado PTAC.  Is it fair to say the information you share is relevant for the most part for all state PTAC organizations?Would you tell us about the organization in a summary.  What is it?  Why was it created? Who or what entities was it created for?  How is it funded?

    Question 2 –  Stephen, what’s in it for manufacturers?  What advantages might they gain from PTAC services?Who is eligible?

    Question 3 –  Dennis, what are the specific services offered by PTAC?

    Question 4 –  Stephen, some of the folks in our audience may be wondering what’s happening behind the curtain? For example, how to companies find out what agencies are buying? Is there some incentive offered to agencies that do participate? Why would a government agency want to engage with companies working with PTAC?

    Question 5 –  Dennis, I noticed there are a lot of sponsors at least on the Colorado PTAC website.  What is their interest in sponsoring PTAC?  Is it possible for a manufacturing company to sponsor PTAC or would they even want to do that?

    Question 6 – Dennis, would you share a success story about a company you worked with that was able to grow their business with the help of PTAC? How would a manufacturer that wants to do more business or start doing business with government contracts get started with PTAC?

    Challenge Question:

    This week, I wanted to pull a question that was relevant to your expertise and I think I’ve found one:  “We’re a mid-size metal stamping and fabrication company. Much of our business is with government contractors and we’d like to do business direct with the department of defense.  Is there some specific type of marketing we could do to get more direct government work?”

    • PTAC can definitely help go direct to agencies and expand to multiple additional agencies.

    Takeaways [38:00]:

    • Stephen has 435 items that are urgent and compelling needs.  Contact PTAC to learn more about doing business with the federal government.
    • PTAC services are free and available to use in all states.  Manufacturers take advantage of them today.

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