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    Bruce McDuffee has been on the ground in manufacturing marketing and sales for the past 20 years. He has been a field sales person, a global marketing director and now an independent consultant focused on helping manufacturing organizations get their growth on with modern marketing strategy, tactics, tools and teams. Bruce has been where you are now. He's had his share of ups and downs with the challenges of manufacturing marketing. He's been successful in converting the strong product culture to one of helping customers to be better. He is practiced at transforming the marketing function from a service center to sales and product into a valued and strategic contributor able to make a difference with audience engagement and proving contribution to revenue. Marketing for manufacturers is difficult but it can be extremely rewarding. Together, we're going to transform Manufacturing Marketing and you're going to love the new manufacturing marketing model.

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    MM 077 - Quarterly Round-up


    This week is our quarterly roundup where I share our top 3 podcasts for the first quarter of 2017.  We greatly appreciate all of our podcast guests, and these were our most popular episodes:

    MM 076 - The Magic Behind Consistent Communication to Increase Brand Awareness


    MM 075 - Create Content that Educates, Entertains and Engages


    Every once in a while, we share a re-broadcast and this week we re-broadcast a podcast that was recorded about one year ago on April 11, 2016. It's about creating content that resonates with a technical audience. The topic is about engaging with a target audience by creating educational, entertaining or engaging content. This discussion is especially germane if your audience is primarily made up of engineers or otherwise technical folks.

    MM 075 - Create Content that Educates, Entertains and Engages

    Guest: Rick Ellis, Engineering Audience Director at CFE Media


    • CFE media knows engineers are a unique audience with unique pain points, needs, wants, etc.
    • Content Marketing Institute (CMI) Research says 82% of B2B manufacturers use content marketing but only 18% consider themselves effective.
    • Content quality is more important than quantity content.
    • Good content must do one or more of the 3 e's;  educate, entertain or engage.

    MM 074 - Importance of Internal Marketing for Manufacturers


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    MM 071 - Is Branding Dead for Manufacturers?


    MM 070 - Old School Marketing; That was Then, This is Now


    MM 069 - Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Marketing


    MM 068 - CAD Files for SEO and Awareness

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