How to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation


    In this episode, we discuss the power and potential of LinkedIn for lead generation in manufacturing organizations. Bill Sterzenbach from Upward shares ideas, suggestions and real stories about how you, the manufacturing marketer, can and should use LinkedIn for lead generation; more qualified leads, higher conversion rates and a full sales pipeline.

    Guest: Bill Sterzenbach, Partner at Upward Brand Interactions

    linkedin for lead generation


    • There seems to be a bias against social media, therein lies a huge opportunity for the industrial enlightened. [2:50]
    • LinkedIn is a place where professional go for growth. [5:50]
    • 62% of B2B marketers find LinkedIn to be the most effective way to engage with their target audiences. The people who get the most benefit are those who understand the people who make up their target audience. [7:00]
    • It's about people talking to people more than a brand talking to an audience. [9:30]
    • Bill shares a case study about Parker Hannifin and Caterpillar are using LinkedIn well and having had great success on LinkedIn. [12:20]
    • Here are three things you can do right now to have better success with LinkedIn: [15:20]
      1. Put in a practice to get more followers and set an objective.
      2. Post at least weekly on a regular basis.
      3. Use your internal team to help promote the channel.
    • Learn about how paid or sponsored content works on LinkedIn. [19:10]
    • It's a good practice to use both pay-per-click and LinkedIn sponsored content. [25:40]
    • Get out there and do it badly, don't wait until it's perfect to start. [26:50]

    Interview Questions:

    Question 1 – Let’s start of broadly and talk about social media in general. How should manufacturers view social media when it comes to their business development? Is it table stakes in this day and age? Is it a good way to grow awareness? Is it a waste of time?

    Question 2 – Let’s zero in on LinkedIn. Rather than assume everyone knows what it is, would you first share, what is LinkedIn? How does it work? Real example of how a manufacturer might use LinkedIn…

    Question 3 – Sounds like it could be a pretty powerful business development tool. Suppose there is a manufacturing marketer out there listening, they have a LinkedIn company page, but aren’t doing much with it. What are 3 things they could do right away towards using that page for business development?

    Question 4– I know LinkedIn offers paid advertising. How does that work? A couple of examples would be great.

    Is there one ad type you recommend over others? (which one and why that one?) Is it for everyone?

    Challenge Question: Send in your challenge question!

    This week our challenge question comes in from New York, a manufacturer of industrial gases. Here it is, “I’m the VP Sales and Marketing at a company that manufactures and delivers industrial gases. I listened to your podcast a couple of weeks ago about sharing content to differentiate. Would that work with a commodity like Nitrogen or Oxygen used in an industrial environment? If yes, could you throw out a couple of examples on your next podcast?”

    • Helpfulness is a great differentiator for commodity products. In a survey, purchasing and buyers will choose a company offering helpfulness over all others. The larger, more premier companies value helpfulness most. Better customers value service on the front lines and all around helpfulness. Use social media to prove your brand is helpful.
    • TOMA + credibility + reciprocity = differentiation and bigger market share


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