How to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation


    In this episode, we discuss the power and potential of LinkedIn for lead generation in manufacturing organizations. Bill Sterzenbach from Upward shares ideas, suggestions and real stories about how you, the manufacturing marketer, can and should use LinkedIn for lead generation; more qualified leads, higher conversion rates and a full sales pipeline.

    If You Work with Distributors, Look Out for a Major Disruption


    The Super Power of Content Marketing


    This week we are re-posting the most popular episode of the year. Did you know that content marketing has super powers to grow your manufacturing business? It's true, but you need to know how to release the superpower. Robert Rose shares just how powerful content marketing can be for your business.

    MM 090 - Ignore Marketing Planning at Your Own Risk


    This week, we delve into the importance of marketing planning. Remember the comedian, Rodney Dangerfield? His shtick was “I don’t get no respect”. I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago, suggesting that Marketing is the Rodney Dangerfield of manufacturing because marketing gets no respect in manufacturing. And why is that? The 2 biggest challenges I hear from manufacturing CEOs, leaders, VP Sales is always (after talent acquisition) that they need more leads and more awareness in their target markets.

    MM 089 - Save Money and Make Money with Marketing Ops


    MM 088 - Who Wants Grant Money for Manufacturing Marketing?


    This week we learn about a government program that offers matching funds for marketing initiatives. Who’s interested in some federal grant matching funds? Did you know there is a federal program called Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms (TAAF) that will match up to your $75,000 investment in certain initiatives including; production, information systems, management, quality and, of course, my favorite initiative, marketing.

    MM 087 - Manufacturers and the Coaching Conundrum


    This week we're talking about an under-utilized method for growing your manufacturing business, a business coach. Learn about the benefits, what makes a good candidate and how it works.

    Guest: Colonel (ret) Burl Randolph, Founder, President, Chief Consultant of MyWingman, LLC
    Website: MyWingman, LLC
    Burl offers a free consultation if you want to learn more about his coaching service - contact information is on the Guest Experts page.

    Get started with your marketing plan. Free templates and sample manufacturing marketing plan.


    • [4:00] Burl explains the difference between coaching and mentoring and introduces the concept of your professional and/or business blind spot.

    MM 086 - Sales and Marketing Alignment for Manufacturers


    MM 085 - A Major Disruption in the Manufacturer - Distributor Relationship is Happening Now!


    Anyone interested in a Manufacturing Marketing Mastermind group? Send me an email and let me know what you think.

    Our guest expert today is going to talk about the major disruption that is affecting the manufacturer - distributor - end user relationships and how your company can be the survivor.

    MM 084 - Recruitment Tips for Manufacturers


    This week we push the envelope and discuss recruitment and selection process in manufacturing industry. It's all about creating a culture that positions your firm as a highly desirable place to work. Here's how you can achieve that perception.

    Adrian Hargreaves, Managing Director, Hargreaves Marketing Ltd

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