MM 077 - Quarterly Round-up


    This week is our quarterly roundup where I share our top 3 podcasts for the first quarter of 2017.  We greatly appreciate all of our podcast guests, and these were our most popular episodes:

    MM 076 - The Magic Behind Consistent Communication to Increase Brand Awareness


    MM 075 - Create Content that Educates, Entertains and Engages


    Every once in a while, we share a re-broadcast and this week we re-broadcast a podcast that was recorded about one year ago on April 11, 2016. It's about creating content that resonates with a technical audience. The topic is about engaging with a target audience by creating educational, entertaining or engaging content. This discussion is especially germane if your audience is primarily made up of engineers or otherwise technical folks.

    MM 075 - Create Content that Educates, Entertains and Engages

    Guest: Rick Ellis, Engineering Audience Director at CFE Media


    • CFE media knows engineers are a unique audience with unique pain points, needs, wants, etc.
    • Content Marketing Institute (CMI) Research says 82% of B2B manufacturers use content marketing but only 18% consider themselves effective.
    • Content quality is more important than quantity content.
    • Good content must do one or more of the 3 e's;  educate, entertain or engage.

    MM 074 - Importance of Internal Marketing for Manufacturers


    MM 073 - Lead Generation with CAD Files


    MM 072 - Inbound Marketing for Manufacturers Case Study


    MM 071 - Is Branding Dead for Manufacturers?


    MM 070 - Old School Marketing; That was Then, This is Now


    MM 069 - Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Marketing


    MM 068 - CAD Files for SEO and Awareness

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