MM 073 - Lead Generation with CAD Files


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    MM 066 - The Power of Agility for Small & Medium Manufacturers


    In this episode, we discuss the advantages that are available to small and medium size manufacturing companies because of their innate ability to make quick marketing decisions and relatively quick strategic or tactical changes. Adam is a practitioner who has proven this idea as a marketing manager working with and marketing to manufacturers.

    Guest: Adam Robinson, Marketing Manager at Cerasis


    • The reason that SMB manufacturers have an advantage is, simply, there is less bureaucracy and fewer people to approve content. You can also spread the word internally faster and easier. Take advantage of this difference. [6:00]
    • LinkedIn Groups are a great place to share your message, knowledge or expertise with a target audience.  Choose a group and share knowledge. Ask a question and post answers. [11:00]
    • Action Items - build a content plan to create content that your audience wants to consume; distribute content on a regular schedule; get the sales team and leadership involved with your content marketing strategy and execution. [14:30]
    • Adam shares ideas how to get over the perception that marketing is a servant to sales. Show sales that marketing can be a powerful force to help sales achieve their goals. [20:00]

    MM 065 - Using LinkedIn for Business Development


    MM 064 - Website Tips for Manufacturers


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