Problem - Need broader brand awareness in our target market. We've got a great product, but we can't seem to break through all the noise and get noticed.

Solution - Create and promote content that addresses the pain, problem, or aspirations of the people in your target market. Check out the Full Solution Package.

Here's the tough love; nobody cares about your product or your company. They care about what your product and your company can do for them. The people you want to do business with ask themselves the age-old question, "What's in it for me?"  When you start answering that question with content and efficient content distribution, you will get more brand awareness.

MMG uses a six-step process working closely with you and your team to discover content topics, media type, and venues for your core target market. Once we complete the discovery, we get to work creating a content plan, distribution plan, and measurement plan.

The execution of these plans is the final step where you start to break through the noise the phone starts ringing again.

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Benjamin had the same problem.

They had been manufacturing an excellent product for 40+ years. As the world wide web became the primary research tool in the 2000s, their existing customers began to find similar products made overseas that cost less.

Orders began to fall year-over-year. They never had to worry about marketing in the past and didn't have the internal skill set to increase brand awareness.

MMG was hired to increase brand awareness amongst their distributors and resellers so that the brand was top-of-mind when their distributors were in front of a customer. The critical component of the content strategy was a series of webinars that gained thousands of attendees and views within the first six months of the program.

Past webinars would get about 20 people to register. The new awareness building webinar with targeted content got 650 people to register!

Joe needed more brand awareness

Benjamin Electronic Meter Manufacturing