Problem - Not enough quality leads in my sales pipeline

Solution - Create and promote content that is meaningful to your target market.

Seems simple? It's easy to create any old content, but more challenging to create content that the people in your target market care about enough to give you their contact information.

MMG uses a six-step process working closely with you and your team to discover content topics, media type, and venues for your core target market. Once we complete the discovery, we get to work creating a content plan, distribution plan, and measurement plan.

The execution of these plans is the final step where you start to see the leads fill your sales pipeline. 

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Rhonda had the same problem.

The leads were drying up. The old tried and true marketing tactics like trade shows, print ads, and product promotions weren't working anymore.

Using the Marketing Booster Package, MMG created a content-based marketing strategy supported by inbound, outbound, and social media tactics.

The result was astounding! The new, quality leads overwhelmed the sales pipeline with 220% higher lead volume, and revenue began to increase proportionately.

Rhonda Rotronic

Rhonda Measurement Instrument Manufacturing