Problem - Not sure how to get started with digital marketing. You have a traditional marketing approach (trade shows and advertisements) that isn't working anymore. It would help if you had a digital strategy, tactics, and tools where you can engage with your prospective customers online.

Solution - Digital marketing means connecting with your prospective customers online. Digital marketing, if done correctly, generates qualified leads, increases awareness, and makes your teams and resources more efficiently.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to technology. MMG will guide you through the maze, help you set up strategy, and then execute the digital marketing plan.

MMG uses a six-step process working closely with you and your team to discover technology, content topics, media type, and venues for your core target market. Once we complete the discovery, we get to work creating a digital marketing strategy, put together the tech stack, and a measurement plan.

The execution of these plans is the final step where you start to take advantage of the digital world.


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing means using the strategy, technology, and tactics that work throughout the internet:


  • Get found when they search for your solution online
  • Create content that ranks your company on the first page of search
  • Audience-focused messaging


  • CRM is a must
  • Marketing automation is a must
  • Integration of these two tools is a must


  • Email nurturing
  • Lead scoring
  • Conversion page paths
  • SEO
  • Automated workflows
  • Paid advertising - connected to tracking
  • Online events
  • and more...
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Rebecca had the same problem.

Her company was in the midst of an intense transformation from manufacturing printed aviation charts to digital charts. They were well known as the standard solution amongst the traditional major airlines, but lesser accepted by the general aviation community.

Rebecca, as the marketing manager, wanted to convert the marketing organization into a digital operation but didn't know how to get started.

Using the RevGen process and the Full Solution Package, MMG started with a digital campaign built around a webinar series. The digital tools included a webinar platform and email provider as well as a digital strategy to engage a large targeted audience with digital advertisements.

The final result was a record-breaking lead generation campaign that created more than 7000 qualified leads


Rebecca needed help getting started with digital marketing.

Rebecca Specialty Printing Manufacturing