The Marketing Plan

Want competitive advantage, more leads, greater awareness, and more sales?

Of course you do! Then write a marketing plan! Only about 1 in 10 manufacturers have a written, proper, marketing plan. About 4 in 10 think they have a written, proper marketing plan and the rest do not have one at all. This is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for you! Taking the time and expending the resources to write a marketing plan is essential in today's competitive global market. The Marketing Plan is a critical component of the full go-to-market strategy.

Interested in more details?

Read Chapter 7, The Marketing Plan from the book 'The New Way to Market for Manufacturing'.

Here's why manufacturers must have a marketing plan to survive in this time of intense global competition:

  1. The Marketing Plan increases lead flow, gets more awareness, increases revenue, and gains competitive advantage.
  2. The Marketing Plan gets everyone on the same team and heading in the same direction.
  3. The Marketing Plan crystalizes the purpose, position, value proposition, etc. for the entire company and for the customer.
  4. The Marketing Plan helps you to say "no" when ideas, suggestions, or demands do not align with the agreed upon plan.
  5. The Marketing Plan gets you focused on your ideal prospects where you can offer the highest value (get the most profit) and helps you avoid the not so ideal prospects where you struggle to provide value (get the lowest profit).

"A manufacturer without a marketing plan is like a ship without a compass."
- Anon

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