Free CRM for Manufacturers

Improve Sales Team Efficiency & Increase Velocity

Problem:  66% - percent of time a salesperson spends doing admin tasks and not talking to prospects or customers.
Solution:  Automate admin tasks with a modern CRM:HubSpot CRM - set up a demo
  • Automate email content with templates
  • Automate email nurturing and sending with sequences
  • Automate meeting schedules
  • Easy research, notes, calling, social media posting, and more all in one screen

* Yup, it's really free and it's perfect for manufacturing sales teams!

Sales Statistics to Consider

  • 91% of companies over 10 employees use a CRM, BUT 40% of sales reps still use spreadsheets or their inbox to manage lead and customer data.
  • On average, sales reps spend 66% of their time on admin tasks and not talking to prospects or customers.
  • 17% of salespeople cite a lack of integration with other tools as their biggest challenge.
  • 27% of salespeople are spending an hour or more on data entry each day.

Wouldn't it be great to solve these problems with one single tool? if you answered "yes", then we should talk.