The MMG Strategic Analysis will change your business!

These are the 5 critical components included in the Strategic Analysis that will transform your business:

Sales Conversion Points

Analysis of sales conversion points and percentages identifies high-impact areas where changes can start to make an immediate difference to your top line.

Example: Working with an electronics manufacturing company, we were able to immediately identify one conversion point that was unusually low. We were able to improve this conversion point from 0.6% to 3.4% causing a 471% increase in new leads.

Sales Cycle

Analyze time from the first contact with a new lead to a closed deal. This is a high impact area where most companies can improve by reducing cycle time and increasing the bottom line.

Example: Working with a precision metal fabrication company, we were able to reduce the average sales cycle time by 22%! The result was 25% increased growth over the previous year.

Sales Team Efficiency

Find out how much time your sales team is spending on activities that aren't producing revenue. Once inefficiencies are identified, even small improvements can make a big difference.

Example: Working with an industrial conveyor manufacturing company, we were able to identify that the team was spending more than 50% of their working hours on administrative tasks and not talking to prospects. Sales immediately began to increase by an average of 10% per month.

Lead Generation Process

Analyze the lead gen process to learn how business flows through your pipeline. Once you know the answer, you can do more of what is working and less of what is not working.

Example: Working with a measurement instrument manufacturer, we were able to identify a huge gap in the lead management process that was costing the company in lost opportunities and wasted marketing spend. We filled the gap by implementing strong service level agreements between sales and marketing. Year-on-year revenue increased 32%!

Business Development Spend & Return on Investment

Learn where you're getting a strong return and where you're wasting money throughout the revenue generation process.

Example: Working with an electronics manufacturing company, the team had been spending (wasting) about $85,000 per year on just one program for years. Once metrics and processes were put in place they ended the program. The Marketing Manager was promoted to Vice President.

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