NEW! Subscription Marketing

Here's how it works:

This program is designed for manufacturers with limited internal marketing resources who want to increase awareness and generate leads with an ongoing monthly marketing program.

The Subscription Program includes:

  • 3 monthly credits - you get a combination of any three of
    • Email to your list
    • Landing page
    • Conversion form
  • For example you could use the 3 credits for
    • 3 emails
    • 1 email and 2 landing pages
    • 1 email, 1 landing page, 1 form conversion path combination
  • Quarterly review, reporting, and recommendations
  • Weekly project call during setup - every two weeks after setup
  • Facebook Group for idea sharing

Call or fill out the form for pricing and more information.

Optional Services:

  • Content strategy & development
  • Sweet Spot Topic workshop
  • Technology implementation
  • Template development