[Webinar] The Single Best Lead Generation Tactic

Educational Webinars Generate Leads!

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Date: Thursday, December 14
Time: 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. MST


  • Why are webinars the best?
  • What makes a great webinar?
  • Sweet spot topic
  • 8 Step Framework to create a lead generating webinar
  • Live Q&A

Speaker: Bruce McDuffee, Director, MMGbemd-gs_v4-small-429153-edited-482744-edited.png

Bruce has helped manufacturers generate  thousands of leads using educational webinars with this 8 Step Framework. He was a pioneer using educational webinars instead of product webinars to generate leads. Now he's ready to teach you the secret to high volume and high quality leads with webinars. 

Generate Qualified Leads with Webinars

The single best lead generation tactic is educational webinars, but not your typical webinar. I'll present a comprehensive framework for generating qualified leads using educational webinars. This 8 step framework will generate interested, qualified leads. I'll share at least 2 case studies. Part of the presentation will be a short workshop designed to find a relevant and compelling webinar topic. Takeaway is a complete, actionable framework you can use right away.

Success cases:

  • Electronic instrument company went from 10 leads to 640 leads with the sweet spot topic.
  • Air navigation chart company generated 1200+ leads with one webinar.
  • Measurement instrument company generated 800+ leads with one webinar, 2500+ with a 5 part series.

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