Webinar Service Levels

Webinars are the Single Best Lead Gen Tactic!

Check out these case studies:

  1. Pharmaceutical Validation Company created a series of 3 webinars; 1100 registrants, 19% growth rate
  2. Air Navigation Chart Printing Company created a 3 part series; 7000+ registrants, CEO now believes in marketing
  3. Analytical Measurement Instrument Company created an 8 part series that ran for 5 years, business grew 15%
  4. Electronics Manufacturing Company created a series of 8 webinars, 5200 registrants; 71,900 views on YouTube

Electronic Mfg Co.

The first webinar garnered about 642 registrants with a 58% attendance rate. The first pilot series of 3 webinars got a total of 1552 registrants with an average attendance rate of 54%.

Instrument Mfg Co.

The webinars series was so successful, it ran for 5 years. The webinar series has engaged with as many as 5200 registrants. Increased growth to 25%!

Navigation Chart Co.

The webinars were an incredible success beyond all expectations with more than 7000 pilots registering for the series.

Pharma Validation Co.

The webinars series attracted approximately 1100 registrants with approximately 50% attendance rate. The new entity revenue grew by 19%!