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Stop Pitching Products

Stop Pitching Products and Win More Business

Pitching products doesn't grow your business. Sharing knowledge and expertise increases awareness, credibility, and sales revenue. In this webinar, you'll learn how to shift your marketing strategy from pitching to engaging.


  • Why pitching products fails to grow your business 
  • A step-by-step guide on what to do instead of pitching
  • Learn how this approach differentiates your business
  • Two real-life success stories

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Webinar - Stop Pitching Products

Lead Generation for Manufacturing

Increase Leads When You Go from Ad-hoc to Planned Campaigns

Learn how to generate more leads and higher quality leads when you go from ad-hoc to planned campaigns. 


  • What is lead generation and why is it important?
  • How to generate momentum by migrating from ad-hoc activity to planned campaigns.
  • Making the Business Case to Senior Management
  • How to produce lead generation campaigns that "hook" the right leads.
  • How to monitor, measure, and evaluate a campaign.



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Webinar on Webinars

The Single Best Lead Generation Tactic - Webinars

The single best lead generation tactic is educational webinars, but not your typical webinar. I'll present a comprehensive framework for generating qualified leads using educational webinars. This 8 step framework will generate interested, qualified leads. I'll share at least 2 case studies. Learn how to find a relevant and compelling webinar topic. The takeaway is a complete, actionable framework you can use right away.


  • Why webinars
  • Finding a Sweet Spot Topic
  • The 8 Step Framework


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Sweet Spot Topic

Learn How to Define a Sweet Spot Topic

Successful content depends on the topic. The topic must be relevant and interesting to the people in your target audience. In this webinar, we walk through the steps to finding your Sweet Spot Topic.


  • Define your audience
  • Learn about their challenges and aspirations
  • Align your expertise with the audience challenge
  • Q&A

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