Is your manufacturing company a good fit for MMG services?

We work with B2B manufacturing companies of all sizes. Manufacturers hire MMG to solve these problems:

  1. Not enough qualified leads
  2. Lack of awareness in your target market
  3. Old sales and marketing tactics aren't working anymore
  4. Have tried piecemeal tactics like SEO or pay-per-click but don't know if it's working or not
  5. Not sure how to get started with a modern digital marketing program
  6. Unable to measure ROI on the marketing spend

If any of these challenges ring true, here's how MMG helps solve these problems

We use a custom approach tailored to your company and your target market because we know each manufacturer is unique in these aspects of business. The custom approach includes:

  1. Initial assessment - we learn about your business, your products, your customers, your competitors, and your business goals.
  2. Build a marketing strategy - we focus on the pain, problems, or aspirations of the people in your target market aligned with your expertise. The only way to increase awareness and establish credibility is by focusing on the audience first!
  3. The Sweet Spot Topic - this is the crux of our success with manufacturers. We find a topic that resonates with the audience to you get top-of-mind-awareness, credibility, and reciprocity with the people in your market. Finding the right sweet spot topic gets you high quality leads fast!
  4. Content plan - we help you build a content library and distribution plan to increase web traffic, increase leads, and position your company as the go-to expert.
  5. Technology stack - we audit your existing technology and recommend any required updates for a well-oiled digital marketing technology machine
  6. Execution - all the planning in the world is no good if you don't execute! We get it done - measure it - report results - and make it better


Wondering how much it costs?
First, consider what it costs you to do nothing?

We aim to partner with our clients for ongoing success. We offer three levels of service with a range of pricing. Our program packages are custom designed for your business goals and priced accordingly. Then, we measure the results and grade ourselves so there's no guessing on your side how we are performing.

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